Press Conference Introduction

On April 15, 2015, Beijing Time, Ninebot Inc. as a leader in the China intelligent short-distance transport industry held a press conference at Beijing JW Marriott Hotel, and officially announced that MIUI Technology, Sequoia Capital, Sunwei Fund, Sequoia Capital A Round will invest $80 million,and announced it will carry out strategic alignment with Segway Company, a global leading supplier of personal electric transportation. After strategic alignment is completed, Segway will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ninebot. The two companies will continue to operate under existing brands


Ninebot Company Introduction

Ninebot is the first domestic operator providing integrative development, production, sales and service of intelligent short-distance transport product. With the dream to provide people with more intelligent and convenient innovative short-distance vehicle, they founded Ninebot , creatively combining Internet thought with advanced unmanned aerial vehicle/robot technology, and opened a new chapter for vehicles’ innovation. Ninebot has successively issued Windrunner series, Ninebot No.9 series, Ninebot One series. Its self-balance car has become the first intelligent transport robot for thousands of households; and it immediately became a pioneer of new-fashioned travel-ism after its launch, activating a buzz from all industries. In the next 30 years, Ninebot Company will view eternal innovative spirit and “Focus, Acme, Glory and Influence” as values for the company, and provide short-distance transport products with first quality to people; Ninebot will spread green way of life into the world; relaying on constantly innovative intelligent products, it will continue to lead intelligent transportation time.

Ninebot picture show

Segway Company Introduction

Headquartered in Bedford, New Hampshire, US, Segway is a global leading brand of personal electric transportation equipment. Segway focuses on research and development of safe and unique short-distance transport products. By advantage of technology innovation and mobile Internet, it creatively provided personal green transportation solution to challenge the tradition, and redefined personal short-distance transport tool. Segway balanced car as an epoch-making personal transport, triggered a wide attention from all industries, which not only changed the way of people working, life and entertainment, but also relieved increasingly serious traffic congestion and environmental problems. Segway at present owns more than 250 distributors all over the world with a worldwide sales network, and has dealers and product experience center in more than 80 countries. Segway also will continue to focus on innovative short transportation and personal transport, letting you travel more easy, efficient, intelligent and simple.

Segway picture show


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