Ninebot is by far the most intuitive personal mobility device in the market.

Ninebot assumes your center-of-gravity as you stand aboard. Your personal Ninebot move in response to your body’s balance when you lean forward and back. It’s seems magical that Ninebot is able to balance itself on two wheels. The robotic technology behind this intelligent device is similar to replicating our human inner ear mechanism that keeps us in balance while standing.          It’s that simple!

Most, if not all new users learn to maneuver Ninebot in less than a minute or two. Now, you are ready for a pleasurable ride in situation when it is too near to drive and too far to walk. Detached the operation bar and you can fit 2-3 Ninebots in the trunk of your car; ready to serve you anytime and, beyond the asphalt surface.

The digital instrument dashboard on Ninebot handle is the industry’s first.

You can also connect it to your smart phone via Bluetooth to have remote control, safety setting and intelligent diagnostics of your personal Ninebot. Boost its travel range to 30-45Km with a 620Wh high capacity battery pack.
Give us a call for more application-specific configurations, we love to hear from you.

20 km/h
20 km
3-4 h
23.5 kg


Take your Ninebot everywhere in the car.

Ninebot’s operation bar can be easily detached, leaving the mainframe at about 20 kilograms of carry-on weight. Easily fits 2-3 Ninebots in the trunk of your car. A trusty side-kick for you and your companion on every trip.
How about switching to the optional Handless Operation Bar and glide along hands-free?



Ninebot_explodedview mic

Towards zero carbon footprint without compromising comfort, safety and reliability.

The electrification of mobility devices is accelerating globally; you and your Ninebot are well-ahead as technology and regulations moves to meet the market need for energy efficient and affordable short-distance travel. Never replacing our divine endowment of walking, Ninebot is your best mobility solution for efficient time/task-oriented application; for distance between1-10km. The electricity cost per kilometer is only 1 cent.

All aspect of your Ninebot is designed and built with you in mind. Configured speed up to 20km/h, travel range of 20-45km per charge cycle and able to engage 20o [rated] incline terrain. Fitted with steel latex fusion pneumatic tires for great shock absorption and superior surface traction. Your Ninebot is able to smoothly ride pass speed bump and multiple terrains. With only 58cm frame width and a 0o turning angle, up can move about tight spots safely and with ease.


Ergonomically Elegant.

Even the remote key is designed with fine bone china finished and silver borders that is sleek and yet deliver the added protection against accidental drop. The four quartered clock dial buttons let you navigate functions easily. Nestled in a beautifully crafted gift box, each Ninebot is equipped with 2 remote keys, so you will always have a backup.




Revolutionary and Fun

The latest Ninedroid App is now available in Apple App Store and Android Marketplace. It serves like the function of a car instrument dashboard on the palm of your hand. It is easy to personalize your Ninebot, configure safety setting, remote control and even online diagnostics. Adding to the fun, we have recently added community record sharing functions and made it compatible to all other Ninebot Mobility Devices.


Int’l Safe Transit Packaging

Don’t we all expect our packages in arrive in good order.
Being a world class global product, it is least to expect no lesser in packaging quality. Still we would like to reiterate, that Ninebot’s export packaging passed International Safe Transit Packaging Standard. Resulting in no damage to the content after Packaging Integrity Performance Test that challenge the strength and robustness of product and package combination.
Main frame packing size: L620 x W440 X H470 mm
Operation bar packing size: L1140 x W140 X H95 mm

Ninebot pack


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