Ninedroid App

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The unmatched Handle Dashboard of Ninebot™ is industries first. Not resting on our laurels we the  revolutionary Ninedroid App is now available for download at App Store. Ninedroid is the smartphone application program your connecting Ninebot and your smartphone with Bluetooth befitting your lifestyle on being in control and connected.


  • The sensing instrument interface includes speedometer, power meter, odometer, and thermometer and so on and the information on the instrument is real-time when connected.
  • You can also try to remote control your Ninebot with the touch screen of the phone. Go to the yard or let your Ninebot itself run to communicate with the neighbor’s dog. Have a Ninebot fight with good friends at the weekend? We’re planning to do more with the built-in feature in the coming future. Meanwhile, have fun. J
  • Ninedroid can automatically diagnose most of the failure causes, help improve your riding experience, and shorten the maintenance time of your Ninebot.



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