Ninebot™ is operated by a series of complex microelectronic gyroscopes and sensors which consist of accelerometers and high-speed microprocessor.

Similar to the intricate inner ear sensory mechanism of our human body telling our brain to keep us in balance, these attitude-measuring sensors together with our proprietary algorithm calculates the users’ position at the rate of 200-500 times per second. The feedback data is then sent to the integrated electric propulsion system that interprets the precise changes seamlessly.

Riders can move the device forward or backwards simply by adjusting their balance. To turn the device, simply tilt the operation bar to the left or right, creating a difference in speed between the two wheels.
For Operational Redundancy, Ninebot™ uses an innovative backup technology. Most of the key components of Ninebot™ are equipped with two modes, the primary mode which works normally, and the secondary mode is always on backup. In the unlikely incident where any of the Components fail, the backup will automatically takeover, allowing the device to stand-down in a safe & secure condition until the next maintenance service personnel recovers your Ninebot™ to its original condition.

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